September is Deaf Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Deaf National Awareness Month?

Many ways to celebrate; support, and spread education about our culture and history.

Who is this cute deaf little girl above?

It is me, Issatu. I started to learn sign language when I was 3-years old. There are a TON of free resources (websites and apps) if you are interested in learning sign language. I posted links below if you're interested in learning! Even if you only learn the basics to be able to communicate with a Deaf or HOH (hard or hearing) person, it makes a huge difference to them. Always have patience when trying to communicate with them because they are just as frustrated as you are. Patience is key and don't give up. Keep trying. They appreciate you so much just for trying!

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Want to buy this book? Check out here Websites to learn ASL (free) All are clickable below: * * * * * ����Free apps for Apple: The ASL App, Sign School (I personally recommend this one!) and ASL Coach ����Free apps for Android: ASL fingerspelling, Sign Language for Beginners and Baby Signing Credit for all the links and info in one spot: (CLIC ** = Edited/Added Info

For those who are asking how to help or where to donate, cash app $Issatu (CLICKABLE)

Thank you for your support and Love!

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