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Q: Can I promote codes separately from my affiliate link to get a commission?


A: Yes, affiliates promote the store or its products using referral links and coupon codes. When a customer visits the store using a referral link and makes a purchase or uses the affiliate coupons, then that sale is recorded as a referral sale. The affiliates earn a commission on the referral sales that they bring. 
For example, you can choose instead of receiving $50 in money, $50 in discount coupons, or store credits where you can choose to use credits to purchase your store. 

Affiliates earn commissions on the referral sales that they bring to the store. 

Q: Do we pay affiliates automatically here, Is the affiliate to provide either a store discount coupon or a gift card?


A: It can then be used to make purchases in the store credit payments for your affiliate. These get generated/ credited automatically on your behalf and are given to the affiliate. 

In affiliate marketing, commission payment is a critical component. The affiliates agree to promote the products of my store and for that, they expect to be paid.  This revenue-sharing model is the basis of affiliate marketing.


Q: How to find your affiliate referral codes for affiliates?
A: Log in to your account.
Click your affiliate links
This referral code will appear at the end of all links listed.
It will be formatted like this; ref=xxxxxx

How much commission do you get from affiliate links between 5-30 percent and 10 percent
most businesses start on the low side and raise their commission rates as the company grows.

What is a reasonable commission rate for affiliates around 5-25 percent 


Q: How do I promote affiliates for free?



1. find a niche.
2. chose a free affiliate program
3. Decide on a traffic source
4. Create content to build trust.
5. Grow an audience
6. Respond and chat with your audience

Modes of payment:

An important part of the affiliate program is money to provide multiple payment options to your affiliates for getting paid. -Fixed terms of payments paying your affiliates as weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or bi-monthly

late payments were the leading problems faced by affiliates since affiliate networks through good reviews and word of mouth, it is important to take into consideration the problems faced by affiliates and sort them out! having seamless payments for your affiliates helps in growing your affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing has a revenue-sharing model where the revenue gets shared among both gets the merchant and the affiliate. The merchant earns the profit from the sale, and the affiliate earns commissions ​

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Affiliate Tutorial: How it works below:

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