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IS Web Plus services was founded by an Economically disadvantaged woman Black-owned small business owner, Issatu AKA Isha launched in 2003 through learning experiences from my school.

Mission Statement: "Fully use my education and experience to design quality websites that help my clients achieve goals, and satisfy their needs."


Vision statement: "You are more opening the door of your every service to meet our needs: "meet our conditions of needs and well beings" to lead us into daily empowering awareness on every matter: BLM, Daily Issues, and resourceful tips to inspire to our prides enlightening and gaining our self-knowledges as well.."

Highlight: My longest-time customer years is Model Secondary

School for the Deaf Alumni Association (MSSDAA).  My old MSSDAA

video (Sept. 20, 2012) see link here.  MSSDAA's 2nd Red Carpet, "In 

The Can", one of actors/actress Nyle there see here

MSSD digital yearbooks download here

3 Get to Know about me Facts

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