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I earn small commissions from affiliate links qualifying purchases. Hopefully, this will give you more clarity as to how to get started. Ok, let's talk about your 'niche.’ 'This first step is generally where I see people get stuck (as you will see in the example below with my friend!) So, one of my friends recently became interested in starting her own YouTube Channel and making passive income. (affiliate blog owners - this guide will also help you brainstorm ideas for your blog niche) This is how the story went the first three days I was here: Day 1: 'I know! I'm going to do videos on wedding planning (She's done this in the past for friends) Day 2: 'Actually, I work in the restaurant industry. I've been thinking more and more about starting a 'Secret Shopper' consultant business for this industry. I can go into marketing for these restaurants, etc.' Day 3: 'My daughter watches a lot of YouTube Channels about xyz. I was thinking we could do a channel of how we came here as immigrants and how we're succeeding in this country.’ DOES YOUR BRAIN ZIG-ZAG LIKE THAT AS WELL??? ⬆ ⬆ 👀 If yes, then it's time to stop, and finally make a decision on one niche. But if you're in the other camp, and can't think of anything, then don't worry. Do These Three Things Today. Tomorrow, I'll send you more instructions on how to Pick and Further Narrow Down Your Niche. Take a piece of paper and jot down 7 Broad Topics that interest you. Make sure with everything you list that you have some sort of relatively good knowledge of it. (i.e., playing the guitar, fixing your house, throwing parties, fixing your car, being an expert at online marketing, etc.) Narrow down the list to your Top 3 Choices of topics that would give you the most enjoyment if you were to eat, sleep, and breathe. Do preliminary research on YouTube on these Top 3 Choices. Enter different subjects related to this niche into YouTube (for example, 'How to Play the Guitar,' What's the Best Pick to Use,' Easiest Guitar Songs to Learn as a Beginner,' etc. Then write down the name of the YouTube creators/channels that consistently turn up on these searches. They tend to have the largest following. That's all for today, but remember to open my email tomorrow for further instructions on narrowing your niche. Decision Day - Your Niche Selection Yesterday, we did a 3-Step exercise for choosing and narrowing your broad niche. Today, you will decide on your niche selection. Yes, there's no better time than the present to make a decision and start moving toward your goal. First, let's do a quick mental cleanse. If you find yourself having thoughts such as the ones below, then I want you to wipe your slate clean today: - My Idea is already out there - How many videos can I really post on this one topic? - I'm not an expert at this. Don't give in to any self-limiting thoughts. It will impede your success. Ok, so yesterday, you narrowed your broad topic ideas to 3 choices, and you wrote down YouTube Channels that frequently came up with these topics. Go back to the YouTube Channels you found yesterday, and sort their videos by 'most popular.’ Go thru the titles of these videos, and ask yourself if these are topics you feel you're knowledgeable enough to discuss on your channel. Now, pick ONE winner from your Top 3 Choices that you feel you are MOST Passionate about, as well as have enough knowledge to discuss multiple topics. Now what? Now we need to define which area within your broad topic will be your niche selection. Let's assume 'Home Repairs' was your broad topic winner. Something like this has a large audience. Instead of trying to capture the whole audience, you want to find an audience within that audience to serve. The more niche specific, the better. The best way for me to explain this step to niche selection is by giving you a bunch of examples. - For 'home repairs', you can further narrow this down to 'kitchen repairs.' To further narrow this down, you can select your niche as 'Kitchen Repairs for Country Style Homes.' - For 'online marketing,' you can further narrow this down to 'email marketing.' To further narrow this down, you can select your niche as 'Email Marketing for Real Estate Professionals.' - For 'Make Money Online,' you can further narrow this down to 'Make Money Online with E-Commerce.' To further narrow this down, you can select your niche as 'Make Money Selling on Amazon.'

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Do you see how that works? Try it out yourself and decide today on your niche selection. Written by: Issatu


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